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Participate in a global study to understand the link between semen longevity and conception rates

Have you ever thought about the quality of semen you inseminate into your herd?  Independent vets have shown that conception rates are 7.8% (UK) and 10% (Argentina) higher if semen motility can be sustained for longer than 2 hours.   What other prospect do you have to increase productivity by this magnitude on your farm?   We need your […]

Breaking New Ground: Dynescan Enters into South America

In 2023, Dyneval embarked on a successful journey as part of the DBT Agri-Tech Trade Mission in South America, visiting Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. When visiting Sant Cruz, Bolivia, we had the pleasure of meeting Union Agronegocios. They expressed a strong interest in our portable and precise semen analyser. Paving the way for the much-anticipated […]

What’s the deal with milk extender?

How do I know if the semen is in a full-fat milk extender?

Have you been told that a sample cannot be measured with a Dynescan because it is in milk extender? Learn how to determine whether this is correct before avoiding a Dynescan measurement.

Bull fertility testing matters

Bull fertility testing is vital for successful breeding, improving efficiency, genetic diversity, and herd productivity while selecting superior sires.

Poor handling affects semen motility

Removing a straw from the tank, even for a short period of 10 seconds (e.g. to read the bull’s name), can cause a reduction of 11% in Progressive Motility.

Faced with rising feed costs? 

Feed costs keeps rising, exerting more pressure on dairy farmers to run an efficient business.

Don’t underestimate the value of bull fertility testing. Despite the continued decrease in the total breeding herd over the past decade, milk production has increased to over 15 billion litres in 2020/21 (source: Statista).  In 2018 the average dairy herd size had 148 cows, these numbers are likely to have increased but are not yet […]

Improve profits by using Dynescan semen tests to inform your breeding program

Sexed Semen. Improve conception rates outcomes with a Dynescan

In recent years, the use of Dairy Sexed Semen has grown rapidly from 31.9% in 2019 to 70.5% in 2022 (source: ADHB).  This will help to achieve the ambition of the AHDB and NFU’s national dairy calf strategy to eliminate calf euthanasia in 2023. To provide more confidence to farmers using sexed semen, vets can […]

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