We’ll explore people’s experiences using the Dynescan and share helpful suggestions and best practices on-farm or in a lab. Stay tuned.

Dynescan Pen-side Semen Analyser 

OnFARM Scotland’s rural podcast visited our lab, and Monty had the chance to try first-hand Dynescan, a game-changing portable pen-side semen quality analyser for the livestock industry. Listen what happened…

Full Episode: 26 min

Dynescan’s Innovative Semen Analyser: a Livestock vet’s view

Following last week’s episode when Monty got to try a Dynescan portable semen quality analyser, we’re hearing from a livestock vet who offers Dynescan tests to clients. Tom Oxtoby is from The George Farm Vets practice in Malmesbury in Wiltshire. The Dynescan ensures that vets can provide speedy and reliable advice to farmers looking to improve productivity and profit margins.

Full Episode: 23 min

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