Breaking New Ground: Dynescan Enters into South America

In 2023, Dyneval embarked on a successful journey as part of the DBT Agri-Tech Trade Mission in South America, visiting Uruguay, Argentina, and Bolivia. When visiting Sant Cruz, Bolivia, we had the pleasure of meeting Union Agronegocios. They expressed a strong interest in our portable and precise semen analyser. Paving the way for the much-anticipated launch of Dynescan semen analyser in Bolivia, scheduled for April 2024.

Union Agronegocios was established in 1985 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Since then, it has become a leading distributor dedicated to importation, exportation, and providing technical advice for the growing farming sector in South America. Dr. Herlan Villagomez Valverde, president of Union Agronegocios, points out:

"We are an innovative company that has become the best productive partner of value, and we feel committed to transfer of the latest knowledge and technologies that will help improve sustainable Bolivian agribusiness."

With Dynescan, farmers, vets, and researchers can be confident that the quality of the semen will remain unchanged during transport, storage, and even before inseminating. They can also benefit from Dyneval’s new fertility marker, SML (Sustained Motility Lifetime), which can help increase the conception rate by up to 8% on average while improving farm profitability.

Marcelo Sole de Matos, Head of Genetics and Reproduction at Union Agronegocios, acknowledges Dynescan’s unique advantage:

“With a herd of more than 87 million females suitable for reproduction in Bolivia and Brazil, Dynescan stands out as a highly applicable tool. It analyses processed semen, including frozen samples with no need for dilutions, and fresh semen through andrological examinations on bulls for natural mating. This comprehensive functionality makes Dynescan a perfect fit for most of the reproductive processes in South America.”

As part of Dyneval’s ongoing efforts to support our distributors globally, Esteban Balla, Dyneval’s technical advisor, will be joining the Union Agronegocios exhibition at two events: Simposio Latinoamericano “Productividad en Ganado de Corte” and Agroecruz 2024 where Dr. Balla will deliver an enlightening talk on “The New Concept in Semen Quality Assessment.” In the evening, Union Agronegocios will host a private dinner with key veterinarians, breeders, and large farms. The busy schedule will be completed with a meeting with the UK Minister for Exports, Lord Offord of Garvel CVO, to commemorate the occasion.

Dyneval’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Tiffany Wood, remarks…

“We are thrilled to announce the addition of Union Agronegocios to Dyneval's network of global partners. The team at Dyneval is excited to support Union Agronegocios with launching our innovative technology in Bolivia, providing them with precise and reliable data at the farm to guide important breeding decisions to raise productivity.”

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