Dynescan Semen Quality Analyser

The Dynescan semen analyser, is the first technology to measure the semen lifetime (% progressive motility and swimming speed over time), providing new insights into whether semen motility is likely to be sustained within the cow.

Dynescan Semen Analyser

New insights,
over time...

Access to Sustained Motility Lifetime data to provide quality assurance on fresh semen or straws on-farm where it matters.

% Prog. Motility

Progressive motion is defined as that when cells are moving in a fairly straight line so that they progress across the sample.

Swimming Speed

Mean swimming speed is defined as the average (mean) swimming speed measured for all cells that are considered progressively motile.

Semen QC, where it matters

Semen quality is highly variable and can deteriorate over time causing undesired results. With a Dynescan you take control of the semen quality to inform precisely the AI protocol selection.

DIN-assured by a Dynescan Semen Analyser - Holstein Friesian


Dynescan Semen Quality Analyser




Validation against a CASA (Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis) IVOS® II Sperm Analysis System from Hamilton Thorne, which has a narrower concentration range of 10-35 mill/mL.

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