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Dyneval recommendation about Microscope Slides

Can measurements be biased?

Customers often ask us why Dyneval recommends using a channel slide for performing measurements using a Dynescan Semen Analyser. The affordable cost of microscope slides and

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Histograms showing the range and frequency of % progressive motility results, measured at the zeroth hour, for a) conventional and b) sex-sorted semen on-farm

Is this normal?

The Dynescan Semen Analyser is an excellent tool for measuring % progressive motility and mean speed over time. We recommend that continuous measurements for 2

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Upcoming Events

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15 MAR • Cow Convetion

Wed, 10.30-3.30PM • Gloucestershire, UK
Dyneval is proud to be a sponsor of the Cow Convention, an event organised by The George Farm Vets .

Dyneval at IRRS 2023

28 MAY–1 JUN • IRRS 2023

Galway, Ireland
Dyneval is proud to be sponsor of the 11th International Ruminant Reproduction Symposium in Ireland.