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Histograms showing the range and frequency of % progressive motility results, measured at the zeroth hour, for a) conventional and b) sex-sorted semen on-farm

Is this normal?

The Dynescan Semen Analyser is an excellent tool for measuring % progressive motility and mean speed over time. We recommend that continuous measurements for 2 hours are performed to assess the ability of spermatozoa to maintain motility during the aerobic to anaerobic transition, as experienced in vivo.

DIN-assured by a Dynescan Semen Analyser - Holstein Friesian


We release data showing how a Dynescan test can identify a batch of sub-quality bull semen that other methods may not pick up. BOOK A DEMO today!


Are conception rates predictable?

The Dynescan is a precise and automated Semen Quality assessment device that helps improve conception rates and predict calving season performance accurately.

Closed up of a young calf drinks milk from his mother

6 reasons why cows do not get pregnant

Whether you are a dairy or a suckler farmer, getting cows pregnant is essential to the future of your business. Without pregnancies, there will be

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