The importance of semen quality in livestock production


Enjoy a complimentary CPD webinar sponsored by Dyneval, suitable for vets, AI technicians and everyone in the profession. “The importance of semen quality in livestock production” will be presented by Dr Esteban Balla (DVM) & Dr Vincent Martinez. This free CPD webinar will be live on Thursday, 16th March 2023, at 7:00 pm GMT.

About this veterinary CPD webinar

Fertility is the cornerstone of profitable livestock production. Vets typically focus on female fertility, but that is just half of the story of reproduction. The speakers will review the bull’s impact on a herd’s fertility and risk factors relating to semen quality and discuss the relative importance of each of the semen quality assessment parameters. During the presentation, innovation in pen-side semen quality assessment and original decision-making concepts will be addressed. The webinar has been conceived as an interactive platform enabling the audience to contribute their experience, ask questions and participate in the debate at the core of today’s humanity challenges: how to leverage technology to increase sustainable production.

Learning Objectives

About the speakers

Dr Esteban Balla (DVM)

Dr Esteban Balla (DMV)Dr Balla (DVM) has been devoted to bovine reproduction technologies since his undergraduate years when he started to collaborate with the IRAC (Córdoba’s Animal Reproduction Institute, Argentina). He then obtained postgraduate advanced studies certificates in Bovine Reproduction Technologies (UNC) and Bovine Production (UCC) whilst managing his veterinary reproduction technologies clinic (embryology, AI, bull BSE, etc.), lecturing and training veterinarians from across the Americas. Dr Balla authored and co-authored numerous scientific publications and research projects to explore the boundaries of innovative technologies in Bovine reproduction.

Dr Vincent Martinez - Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Vincent MartinezDr Martinez received his PhD in Physics from RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) in 2009 and then joined the University of Edinburgh as a post-doctoral researcher in 2009. Before his academic life, he spent 3 years as a junior scientist investigating the optical properties of colloidal suspensions and thin films for the paint & coating industry at COMEX (Mexico). Since 2009, Dr Martinez has developed innovative techniques to characterise movement within suspensions of biological particles (sperm, bacteria, and algae) and synthetic particles (e.g., colloids). He became a world-leading expert in this field while based at the University of Edinburgh. Having authored approximately 40 publications in this field, Dr Martinez has given over 50 international and national talks and invited seminars. At Dyneval, he heads the R&D team to investigate aspects that affect semen motility, including sample preparation, concentration, and the metabolic health of spermatozoa.

Watching the session

The webinar will be LIVE on Thursday, 16th March 2023, at 7:00 pm GMT

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