Maintenance of a Liquid Nitrogen Tank

Semen is the most valuable asset in artificial insemination. It is essential to maintain the integrity of liquid nitrogen tanks to safeguard this investment. From the production centre to the farm, semen straws must be carefully stored in nitrogen tanks, adhering to stringent protocols to maintain quality. However, challenges arise, for example, unexpected delays for top-ups of liquid nitrogen, and handling errors and it remains unknown whether movement during transport can compromise semen quality.   Substantial degradation of semen quality decreases conception rates. Regular tank health checks and training are imperative to avoid errors and mitigate these risks. 

Introducing the Dyneval Tank Audit Tool

Dyneval’s new Tank Audit Tool empowers veterinarians and AI technicians to evaluate storage conditions and semen performance on the farm. This comprehensive assessment delves into semen management from health, safety, and performance perspectives, providing workers with a check-list reminder of best practices.

Areas of inspection


Ensuring Quality and Integrity

As part of the Dyneval tank audit, testing a single straw, representing each batch, is required. This final step involves selecting one straw from each bull and subjecting it to a single test on the Dynescan machine.  We recommend that each straw is ‘stress-tested’ within the Dynescan so a trace of semen motility over time is generated.

Dynescan results are highly reproducible so each trace should be within 5% standard deviation of previous results (e.g. post-production or following receipt) if there has been no damage.  Any changes in the quality over time will alert tank owners to address potential causes promptly before further deterioration occurs.  

Explore the Dyneval tank audit tool

As part of Dyneval’s ongoing dedication to improving customer service, we are excited to introduce a practical tool to assess and enhance on-farm operations, compliance, and risk management. We invite all Dyneval customers to try our tank audit tool until June 15th, 2024. Your valuable feedback during the trial period will inform our development plans for future updates.

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