DIN-assured by a Dynescan Semen Analyser - Holstein Friesian

Not all batches from the same bull are equally good. Sometimes sub-quality semen can arise from over-working the bull, problems during processing or damage during transport. Here we reveal how a Dynescan test can reveal important differences between batches that may not be picked up by other methods.

In June, AI straws were provided to us. We measured a range of samples and reported that a particular bull, bull X (shown in red), was unable to maintain motility for one hour (60 minutes). This was surprising since bull X was known to provide excellent conception rates.  Given this difference of opinion, we offered to retest that batch and to test other batches taken from the same bull (bull X).


Figure 1 - Dynescan measurements on 5 bulls in June
Figure 1: Dynescan measurements on 5 bulls in June

Repeat measurements performed in July were conclusive. Repeated measurements with the same batch 1 showed data that compared closely with June measurements indicating that motility could not be sustained past 1 hour.  Semen from the other batches maintained good motility to around 3.5 hours, tallying with reports of excellent conception rates.  This indicated that a fault must have occurred with batch 1 semen, potentially through packaging, transport or storage. 

Figure 2 - Dynescan measurements on Bull X
Figure 2: Dynescan measurements on Bull X

Use of the Dynescan can provide quality assurance on straws on-farm where it really matters. Take advantage of the latest technology for precise Semen Quality Analysis. Dyneval’s experts are available to answer all your questions and to show you how the Dynescan works. GET IN TOUCH TODAY! 

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