Faced with rising feed costs? 

Feed costs keeps rising, exerting more pressure on dairy farmers to run an efficient business.

Don’t underestimate the value of bull fertility testing. Despite the continued decrease in the total breeding herd over the past decade, milk production has increased to over 15 billion litres in 2020/21 (source: Statista).  In 2018 the average dairy herd size had 148 cows, these numbers are likely to have increased but are not yet […]

Can measurements be biased?

Dyneval recommendation about Microscope Slides

Customers often ask us why Dyneval recommends using a channel slide for performing measurements using a Dynescan Semen Analyser. The affordable cost of microscope slides and cover slides is appealing, particularly when numerous samples require analysis.  The experiment To demonstrate the difference, we have used an IVOS II computer-aided semen analyser to perform measurements of […]


DIN-assured by a Dynescan Semen Analyser - Holstein Friesian

We release data showing how a Dynescan test can identify a batch of sub-quality bull semen that other methods may not pick up. BOOK A DEMO today!

Are conception rates predictable?


The Dynescan is a precise and automated Semen Quality assessment device that helps improve conception rates and predict calving season performance accurately.

6 reasons why cows do not get pregnant

Closed up of a young calf drinks milk from his mother

Whether you are a dairy or a suckler farmer, getting cows pregnant is essential to the future of your business. Without pregnancies, there will be no future milk or calves’ production. Here we cover 6 common reasons why cows may fail to conceive and information on how you can maximise fertility. By proactively working on […]

5 reasons why your bull may not be up to the job!

Whether you are using your bull as a sweeper on a dairy herd, a group of heifer replacements, or as your primary source of pregnancy in a suckler or dairy herd, the consequences of a male with reduced fertility can be disastrous for your business. Imagine getting to scanning day and finding out half your […]