Bull fertility testing matters

Bull fertility testing is vital for successful breeding, improving efficiency, genetic diversity, and herd productivity while selecting superior sires.

Is this normal?

Dynescan measurements of Progressive Motility for conventional and sex-sorted semen samples.

The importance of semen quality in livestock production

Enjoy a complimentary CPD webinar sponsored by Dyneval, suitable for vets, AI technicians and everyone in the profession. Join Dr Esteban Balla (DVM) & Dr Vincent Martinez to explore the vital role of bulls in herd fertility, understand how semen quality affects profitability, and discover innovative pen-side assessment methods, all while discussing the use of […]


DIN-assured by a Dynescan Semen Analyser - Holstein Friesian

We release data showing how a Dynescan test can identify a batch of sub-quality bull semen that other methods may not pick up. BOOK A DEMO today!

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