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The software expects the instrument to be connected and switched on before the software is started.  We recommend you close down the software application and re-start.  If that doesn’t work, try restarting the computer.  If you are still struggling, get in touch.

You should see an image in the bottom right hand corner.  If you click on this image, it will expand so that you can see the image fully and you can use the scroll bar at the bottom to zoom in.

We recommend you use 3 microLitres to fill 20 micron deep Leja capillary slides.  Underfilling may cause air bubbles, overfilling may make a mess on the slide.

We recommend that you perform a calibration every day.  While we do not expect the calibration to shift, it is an excellent way to detect any damage that may have occurred to your instrument that could affect the quality of your measurement.  If the calibration measurements are unusual, please get in touch.

For cattle semen, we recommend you use 20 micron deep capillary slides available from Leja.  This ensure that you are able to perform measurements of the highest quality.  It may be possible to perform measurements with other slides but it is vital to ensure that the sample cannot evaporate during the time of the measurement.  Please contact us if you would like further advice or prefer alternative slides.

The calibration slide and  microscope slide holder are replaceable parts and replacements can be bought at a reasonable cost.  In fact, it is always handy to have one of each spare!   If you think you have broken something inside the Dynescan, please contact us. The instrument contains electrical components and must never be opened by anyone other than a Dyneval engineer.

Take care not to drop or bang your Dynescan

Do not store the Dynescan below freezing (e.g. do not leave it in the boot of a vehicle in winter!)

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