Dyneval has been shortlisted for KPMG - Tech Innovator 2023

Getting ready to pitch for the Tech Innovator UK ’23

Dyneval is delighted to be informed that we have been shortlisted for KPMG Tech Innovator UK 2023. Congratulations to our CEO, Dr Tiffany Wood.

We are proud to have been considered for the KPMG competition this year and would like to congratulate all the other companies on the list; Recast, MI:RNA, Kenoteq, Forrit, Pawprint and Gigged.AI, Invizius, Leap Automation and ZipZero.

KPMG professionals bring together insights, technology solutions and industry experience to help address Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges — from increasing access to renewable energy globally to transforming business and supply chains to become net zero or embracing green tax policies.

For the third year, KPMG’s search to find the next tech titan has gone global – including at least 22 other countries across most key regions of the world. This competition is an opportunity to be recognised as one of the UK’s most successful technology innovators, with exclusive networking opportunities with like-minded peers and key influencers.

Our passion for what we do keeps opening doors to expand Dyneval’s future, and we are very proud of this. 

“We operate in a challenging and ever-changing industry, but thanks to our team’s hard work and KOL’s recognition, Dyneval’s novel technology is already changing the approach to male fertility and semen quality assessments. KPMG’s recognition is already a great achievement, and we look forward to presenting at the next round later this month. We shall keep on embracing these opportunities!” Dr Tiffany Wood, Chief Executive Officer.

The Tech Innovator in the UK – Scotland Heat event will take place on Tuesday, 20th June, in Edinburgh at KPMG UK suit, and we are all very much looking forward to being a part of the regional heat rounds. 

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