Are conception rates predictable?


The success of insemination depends not only on the timing and the cow’s health but also on the quality of semen. Spermatozoa must be motile for successful fertilisation.

The Dynescan provides automated measurements of semen motility over time, and our goal is to help users predict the most probable conception rates for any given sample. Users could be farmers, AI technicians, vets or genetics companies.

The ‘Optimise Conception Rates’ graph shows one combination of measured parameters provided with the ‘Dyneval TT test’. The conception rate data was collected from over:

In the graph, conception rates are correlated with ‘DYN-TT test’ motility measurements from a continuous test at 5-minute intervals for at least one hour. Error bars show the standard deviation in the conception rates between two inseminations. 

Help us enhance Dyneval’s predictive capability

We invite farmers to provide us with conception rate outcomes to help us enhance the Dynescan’s predictive capability. In the future, Dyneval would like to help farmers optimise conception rates to improve the efficiency of livestock production. We are keen to hear from farmers with AI straws that have resulted in unexpectedly low conception rates so that we can further build our predictive capability.

Dynescan requires minimum training, is robust and portable, and can be used by anyone in a clinic or at the pen side. Our automated, precise and user-independent measurement technology can analyse fresh, frozen, or sexed semen within minutes without needing additional equipment. 

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